About Us

We have been in the podcasting space and working with transcriptions for years.

We started as a podcast player (Podible) focusing on personalized recommendations. We tackled the discovery problem by analyzing podcast transcriptions to uncover how podcasts are related to each other.

We got traction, attracting tens of thousands of users to our app. We even produced our own shows, of which one or two has since been picked up by Barstool and sits atop the charts.

However, we realized that we’d need to invest heavily in podcast production to stay competitive, and that wasn’t our area of expertise. Having worked for many years prior as software engineers in the ad-tech industry, we decided to shift focus.

We now work with brands and agencies to help them advertise on podcasts more intelligently. We still rely on the foundation of our app, the transcription and recommendation engine, to help provide business intelligence to advertisers and podcast creators.

We’re excited to put all of this together and help move the podcast advertising industry forward!

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